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IMPORTANT tips to Aid you in Navigating our Advanced Search Feature

  1. The 1st column below with the triangle at the far right contains a drop down menu - you may select one of those options to fine-tune your search.  You DO NOT have to make a selection from the drop down menu option - you may leave that column blank as it is now.
  2. The 2nd column is where you enter the information you have.  Example (s): If the info you have is a person's last name, enter that name in the 2nd column - in line with the row marked Last name.  If you are looking for someone in a particular zip code, enter that zip code in the 2nd column of the 6th row marked Zip.  If you are looking for a list of all of the members in one of our 5 chapters or for a vendor who is from another part of the country, select that particular Chapter or Out of State at the bottom of the 2nd column.
  3. After you have made your entry or selection (chapter listing) in the 2nd column, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select SEARCH on the left side of this page.
  4. As an alternate option to the more specific search explained in Tips 1-3 above click here to Go to Simple Search .  This search option is very broad.  For example: If you enter Robert - you will be presented with every member with the 1st name Robert, every member with the last name Robert, Roberts, Robertson, etc., every member with Robert in their company name (i.e. Robertson Ryan), any member who lives in a town named Robert, Roberts, Robertson, etc.  

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